Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top 3DS/NDS Games Recommendation/Which Flash Card is best for 3DS 9.9?

For 3ds/3ds xl new users when you don’t know choose the nds games or 3ds games, here is the some advice. Hope it can help.

3DS Games Recommend

Recently 3DS games is hot. Its popularity is full story, attractive plot, excited fighting with 3D effect. Here are 2015 top 10 3ds games and the rank among the whole world.
  Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D by Nintendo
 Pokemon Rumble World by Nintendo
 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call by Square Enix
 Code Name: S.T.E.A.M by Nintendo
 Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars by Nintendo
 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate by Capcom
 Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire by Game Freak / Nintendo
 Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney by Level 5
 Puzzle & Dragons Z %2B Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition by Nintendo
 Retro City Rampage DX by Vblank Entertainment
 Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games
 Tomodachi Life by Nintendo

Nds games Recommendation

The nds game is exclusive for dsi/ds/dsl console who is old system compared to 3ds system but most of classic titles you might hear or play.

How to Play 3ds games on 3ds 9.9 or below?

Until now there are some 3ds flashcard allowing us to play .3ds format games such as the SKY3DS,Gateway 3ds, Mt card, r4i gold deluxe edition ect. However, if your 3ds handhold is ver 9.9 or above ver 9.2, you should buy the SKY3DS. Because sky3ds is the only 3ds card supporting any 3ds firmware inc 9.9 while the gateway works on 3ds ver 9.2 or below.  The other two cards work on old 3ds 4.5 ~4.1.
Buying one SKY3DS can play muti-roms, region free games with easy use. Also sky3ds can enable you to enjoy CIA, homebrew, online play, access eshop ect. $75.9 available, free shipping&100% original

How to play nds games on 3ds/new 3ds/dsi/dsl/ds?

If you want to play nds games, you need to get a ds flashcard. You can play any nds games on any handhold system. Here the R4 gold 3ds wood card is one popular one, cheaper but good use. It support Hundreds of DS Games, Region free ds roms, Homebrew apps, GBA/SNES/NES emulators, Multi-medai Files, Real Time Save, User Cheat features. The use is easy, downloading the wood and ds game file to one micro sd card then put it into r4i gold 3ds, you can enjoy.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Where to Buy the Best Supercard DSTWO or R4i Gold 3DS For NDS &GBA Game?

The Supercard dstwo and the r4i gold 3ds can directly support any 3ds/3ds xl/new 3ds/3ds xl/dsi/ds/dsl firmware, including the latest 9.9.0-26. They support almost 5000+ nds games, listening to music, watching movies, playing snes,gba games. Buy one card you can always enjoy!

 R4i gold 3ds

NDSi v1.4.5&3DS 9.6.0-24 Supported directly

R4i gold 3ds is known as his good games compatibility, supporting 5000 games and his cheaper price, $16.63 available, but good quality. What more, r4i gold 3ds is compatible with Latest DS Game, run Multi-rom with a single micro sd card, play GBA/SNES game as well. With the Moonshell, r4i gold users can watch movie, listen to mp3, view pictures and read e-books

Supercard dstwo

Supercard DS two for 3DS, DS Lite & DSi

The Supercard DS TWO Card for Nintendo 3DS & 3DS XL, DS Lite, DSi & DSi XL. It is a high-end slot-1 flash cart solution that allows you to launch games, run applications and play media directly from the device. Simply place your files onto either a micro SD or SDHC memory card (sold separately), insert the micro SD into your Supercard DSTWO, your cart into your DS, and turn the system on. Playing games and media has never been easier!

Supercard DSTWO is back today have got the first batch of supercard dstwo/ds2. This time dstwo not only  have the same features as before supporting all old 3ds 9.8.0 /9.9.0 /dsi/dsl console to play regular ds games/ gba games but adding features that supporting any new 3ds FW and the newest firmware 9.9.0-26E/U/J.

Where to buy r4i gold 3ds or supercard dstwo?

Here strongly recommend the  online store, based on US official reseller, offering free shipping, competitive price, good service.  Dwtechz stock these great cards, Specialize in R4 and all of the Best flash cards for 3DS DSi XL DSlite & DS.

" is where you can get all the best flash card in the one place at the best price Worldwide... Guaranteed ! "

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ninjhax 2.1 Released by Smealum| How to Run it with SKY3DS for Game Free Homebrew (ironhax/tubehax)?

Ninjhax 2.1 is released after the short version 2.0 by Smea. What's new this update and do sky3ds can still support Ninjhax 2.1 for region free? How to set up by youtube exploit? Here comes the answer.

What's new Ninjhax 2.1beta?
There is no extra new features added in this 2.1 version, expect improving the region free stability but Smea has already created 2 more ways to set up this homebrew launcher ninjhax. That is ironhax/tubehax.

Is SKY3DS works well with Ninjhax 2.1?

Yes, official sky3ds respond that sky3ds is sure to support ninjhax 2.1 well for region free,homebrews, GBA/SNES old classic roms

How to Use tubehax to run Ninjhax 2.1?

1.3DS/new 3ds console V9.0-9.9
2. Download”YouTube application”(available for free) on eshop
3. Please make sure the internet connection is right.

Step 1. Please download the homebrew starter kit and unzip it. Copy all the files to your 3DS sd card

Step 2.  On your 3DS, select System Settings→Internet Settings→Connection Settings→select your favorite Connection(Connection1/2/3, anyone is ok)→click Change Settings→ Select “no” for DNS on second page→ Detailed Setup→Primary DNS, enter the follwoing number and then click”OK”

Step 3,  Please save the new settings and close the system settings

Step 4, Run the”YouTube” which you  need to choose your console version.

Step 5, choose yuor console foirmware version under “Select your firmware version” and then click”submit”

Step 6, After for a while, the the exploit should run and the Homebrew Launcher should load up !

Once you want to exit from the Homebrew Launcher, please press Start →A button.

How to install Ninjhax 2.1 with SKY3DS to play region free,homebrew?

Needs things,

1) Sky3ds with Cubic Ninja ROM(don't know how to flash a 3ds rom to sky3ds, see the guide here
2) 3DS/NEW 3DS between version 9.0.0 and 9.9.0
3) SD Card (Comes with 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS)
4) Ninjhax 2.1 Homebrew Starter (… ).


1, go to get the QR Code that match your 3ds firmware.
2, .Download the homebrew starter kit and extract it at the root of your SD card. after this step, you should have a file named boot.3dsx placed at the root of your SD card.
3.Turn on your 3ds wifi
4, Insert Sky3ds card to 3DS/NEW 3DS. Press the blue button to Start CUBIC NINJA on your console, choose "Create", then "QR code", and finally "Scan QR code".
5, Follow the on screen instructions. Press A to install the exploit when prompted. The menu should load!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

NTR CFW 3.0 Cheat Plugin Help With SKY3DS

Previously NTR CFW is 2.2 which only support region free on new 3ds/ new 3ds xl firmware 9.2 to 9.0. While NTR CFW 3.0 released, allowing us to game cheat, emunand, screenshot ect and also adding BootNTR.cia loading method, cubic ninja or the QR code scan is no longer required.

NTR CFW 3.0 Changelog,

  • added old 3ds and 2ds support.
  • added BootNTR.cia loading method. cubic ninja is no longer required. but you still need some way to launch CIA.
  • all region supported, most emunand version supported.
  • improved stability.
NTR CFW 3.0 Can support sysNAND 9.9.0?

No, this compatibility is New 3DS/3DS/2DS4.1-9.2 supporting

How to Set up NTR CFW 3.0?

1 Download from here

2 copy ntr.bin and BootNTR.cia to your 3DS's SD card or new3DS’s MicroSD card.

3 Install Pasta CFW1.3 with the totorial: How to Use SKY3DS to Play Fire Emblem If – Anya Oukoku/Awakening CIA

3. When you have installed the Pasta CFW1.3, the homebrew will load by itself. Install the “BootNTR.cia” in Devmenu

4. When complete the installation, exit from the Devmenu. And then click the new icon”BootNTR”, it will install NTR 3.0 automatically

5, After successful installation exit return to the main menu , then press X + Ybutton then shows NTR3.0 menu ,that means it installed successful ,so enjoy the NTR3.0 with the sky3ds from now on!

How to enjoy cheat function of NTR CFW3.0?

1. Create a folder named”plugin” in root of your 3DS Micro SD card, and then get the game ID from  Please download the ”cheat.plg“ compatible with the game ID from
Then create a folder names”game id” in “plugin”, then copy ”cheat.plg“ to “game id”. So there should be a folder”plugin/game id/cheat.plg”

2. Insert the micro sd card to your 3DS console and bootup your 3DS.(Every time you turn off/on your 3ds console, you need to go to pasta CFW and then install NTR CFW3.0 again).

3. For the example of Fire Emblem If Special Edition, install the cia files of Fire Emblem If Special Edition in Devmenu. After done, there will be a game icon showing.

4. Click the game icon, there should be a green screen flashed which means you can enjoy the cheat function during games.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Good Things In Gateway Ultra V3.4 Firmware

Gateway 3ds Ultra v3.4 is released. This update can support 3ds 9.9 to 9.3 on sysNAND? alternative, it can emunand higher firmware?

 Fixed new antipiracy check

Gateway team noticed that some issues work well as CIA file but flashcard can't support it well then they find out the a new kind of antipiracy check.

Improved firmware spoofing

We are wondering what the firm it can emunand from the gateway team words we can't tell it clearly. We will test it by ourselves, update here.

Gateway also improved the firmware spoofing a bit, as now an additional kernel version check is disabled.

This is mostly useful for New 3DS users that are still on 9.5 emunand and want to play firmware spoofed games that require a higher kernel version.
This fix can also be useful for users that want to keep using an older Gateway Ultra firmware and while still being able to play newer games.

Cheats Around the Corner

Gateway 3ds is working on the cheat function we hope it can do it in next update.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Old/New 3DS 9.9.0-26 CAN Downgrade to Use Other Card?

Newest firmware is 9.9.0-26 for the time beings Can we downgrade us system to special version any we want it to be,such as 3ds 4.5~4.1?Maybe your console is updated to the latest firmware but it is not what you want. Maybe you still want to use your cheaper  R4i gold deluxe edition, MT card on requiring old 3ds 4.5~4.1 even if Gateway 3ds can support highest version is 9.2.0.  What can we do to play 3ds games? Do we have to buy the SKY3DS for our higher 3ds firmware? The post is the answer.

Can we downgrade the old/new 3ds 9.9 to 3ds 9.2 below?

No, we can't. Either our console is old 3ds 9.9 or new 3ds(xl) 9.9, we haven't the good solution up to now.Because on one hand, the gateway 3ds card has the downgrade function but it has some restrictions. Firstly there is a gateway 3ds at hand then your 3ds(xl)should within 9.2 to 4.6 and gateway 3ds can't support new 3ds downgrade for now. On the other hand, there is some articles that i read but it is difficult to do, needing dismantling the console. That is danger to console.

Is the SKY3DS the best card for playing 3ds games on old/new 9.9.0?

Yes, SKY3DS is indeed the only 3ds flashcard supporting the 9.9. It works like genius gamecard we can play over 30 games with one Micro sd card, save&online play, enabling eshop function well as retail card. Sky3ds works safely on console sysnand,never change anything. Expect SKY3DS, there is not other 3ds flashcard or cfw can play 3ds games on 9.9. Maybe we remember the retail card, yes, the card do but they are much more expensive and one card only has one game. If we buy SKY3DS, we can play any 3ds games as we would like to and the download source is easy to shot and free.

How to Use the SKY3DS to play 3ds games?

SKY3DS is one plug&play card, no kernel or wood or other card to boot. We need to write the prepared 3ds roms to the sd card by diskwrite tool. The clear tutorial is on official or any problem please check this blog.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Best 10 SKY3DS 3DS Games in 2015

SKY3DS 3DS 9.9.0-26

It is confirmed that SKY3DS support the newest firmware 9.9.0-26u no matter what your version is 2ds, original 3ds or new 3ds with latest firmware. SKY3DS is plug&play 3ds cart, supporting muti-rom 3ds games with one Micro SD card. No matter what your 2ds,orginal 3ds,new 3ds firmware up to now, you can buy us SKY3DS blue for playing any top 3ds games. Remember not flash cross region games because SKY3DS can’t run it directly. Is there already have the solution? The Answer is Yes. Sky3ds plus Ninjhax 2.0, you can play region free games but also run homebrew software&games.

SKY3DS 3DS Games

For Micro sd. Just need one Micro sd play muti-rom.  Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB SDHC cards
SKY3DS can support over 400 3ds games and it will be more because sky3ds team is updating template file. Taking a example, such as
Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer, firm emblem if-anya oukoku/awakening, even though they are not in the compatibility list SKY3DS work perfectly with PASTA CFW, it can play them CIA well.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D by Nintendo
Pokemon Rumble World by Nintendo
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call by Square Enix
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M by Nintendo
Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars by Nintendo
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate by Capcom
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire by Game Freak / Nintendo
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney by Level 5
Puzzle & Dragons Z %2B Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition by Nintendo
Retro City Rampage DX by Vblank Entertainment
Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games
Tomodachi Life by Nintendo

SKY3DS 3DS Games Download

We recommend some good sources to download sky3ds games.
Rom2 is good.