Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Which is the Best R4 Card and 3DS Flashcard for 3DS 9.9.0-26U/E/J/K?

The newest 9.9.0-26 has been released with the same boring enhancing stability. However, it breaks some of flashcards and no access to eshop any more.

All most R4 Card can work on 9.9 as before

Recommend the supercard dstwo, playing nds games and gba,snes games. Even though it is a little expensive but it should be worthy that.

R4i gold 3ds from r4ids.cn is great,too, supporting any Old/New 3DS inc 9.9. Easy use,low price but good quality

3DS flashcard scene SKY3DS support 9.9.0-26 well while Gateway 3ds doesn't work.

SKY3DS is the first and the only 3ds card supporting any 3ds firmware to play 3ds games, features muti-roms, playing cia, region free, online play. Sky3ds works as a genius card, plug&play. That is your first choice!

Gateway 3ds doesn't work on 9.9, keeping supporting sysnand 4.1~9.2 but has spoof system(Emunand 9.8.0).Note that please don't update your console to 9.9 so far.

Friday, July 10, 2015

How to Hack New 3DS with SKY3DS and Gateway for Builting 2 Systems and Playing CIA

If you have the SKY3DS and Gateway 3ds at the same time, you are able to have 2 independent system (GW emunand and Sys nand) for playing cia games or ds games more safely and saving a lot of power.

As you know,no matter what it is  .3ds or .3dz format, you can play it easily after  dropping  it into Red gateway 3ds card but what the reason we have to install CIA? Using red card has 2 cons, 1, it waste a lot of power 2,it exist risk to be banned when we play online therefore i install these games to cia that i would usually play or i would like to play online. After all, it is my opinion.

Here comes how to do it step by step.

Download source,

launcher Link,http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGqZTAI  passkey:rl4o (yep, it is Chinese because my friend a nice guy from China share it to me, it doesn't matter you can't read, please put the password into blank then submit you can download )

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hMNQQ   password: u5rn (it is for Japan version you can get it from gateway 3ds new 3ds boot up guide )

The New 3ds 9.2 J


1, copy the launcher of Gateway to root of SD card used on the side of console i choose the 64G sd card.

2, SKY3DS Part.Flash 3 games including Zelda. Recommend write another 2 games first write the Zelda rom at last.

It is easy steps for sky3ds users before you go to this step. Afterwards, click right, select "restore save" then choose the save data at the download already offered

Done when it just wink once time quickly. Then exit the diskwriter tool and plug
the sd card into SKY3DS.

3, put the SKY3DS into NEW 3DS, press the blue button to Zelda games.

Read the exploit of Zelda save

Press"A" you can go to this page,

Then we can pull the sky3ds out.

4, Insert the red card,backup the NAND.

you can copy the NAND.bin file to your PC.

ok, you can take your SKY3DS out.

4, run repeat to this as above,

select format emunand wait until it done

Now go to the "red shoes" press "A" the emunand system is there

Monday, July 6, 2015

Where to Buy Full-body Belt Clip Holster Case Beatles?

Do you like a exclusive Beatles case for your iPhone 6 or Samsung s6? Do you wanna a good case for withstands accidental drop, bump and shock? The style is full-body belt clip,made up of polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU,featuring good quality but low price. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Which is the Best Way to Play Fire Emblem,Pasta CFW1.3, Gateway or SKY3DS?

new Fire Emblem title Fire Emblem has been released in Japan.The SKY3DS soon

update the template file on June 24th 2015 for supporting this exciting game.

We recommend the SKY3DS for playing 3ds games on any NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/3DS/3DS

XL/2DS console with all firmwares and regions. It supports free multi-3ds 

roms,sdhc card,save and back up game data, online game, access to eshop, other 

region game with Smea's regin free exploit,emunand with Rxmode and more. 

Buy original blue SKY3DS

For Pasta CFW 1.3 and Gateway 3ds,

Pasta CFW is the loader allowing us to install any 3ds cia on 3ds and New 3ds

however you have to attention that it can't work above 9.2 firmware , not

supporting running homebrew, nor eshop spoofer by now. Another worrying point is

that all these boot up or operation are based on Sysnand, it get a high risk of

brick 3DS.

For Gateway 3ds you have to launch the GW mode according your console firmware,

1. For 3DS 4.1~4.5(firmware number) consoles

You must go to gateway 3ds mode via setup the blue card firstly.

2. For 3DS (XL,LL), 2DS (4.6~9.2) consoles

You can load the Gateway mode via the browser go.gateway-3ds.com

3.For new 3DS xl,ll

You must use the retial game card or SKY3DS which flashed the game : The Legend

Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

From all above comparison, strongly recommend the SKY3DS for Fire Emblem or

other 3ds games.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New CFW Named ReiNand

Expect the Pasta/rxrools, recently @Reisyukaku publish the news that ReiNand is soon coming to us. All us expect it will support  the new 3ds firmware and cheers Reisyukaku is working on that.

-O3ds Only
-Ninjhax only
-Emunand Support
-Region Free
-Firm for above 9.x
-Signigture patches
- Memory Debugger similar to NTR's
-Ram Dumping

Currently in progress
-4.x/9.x Mset support
-N3ds support - (works but some bugs being fixed)
('' The rop is in there.. as well as the mset rop but only 90% finished. - Rei)
-Source code(when Reinand is finished)
-Enable/Disable Firmlaunch for Plugins / LayeredFS-Plugin
-Screen Shots

Writer have to say, no matter what cfw pasta/rxtool or this new reinand we have

to need the Cubic Ninja or SKY3DS flashcard. Buy SKY3DS from dwtechz.com 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Supercard DSTWO Buy is Available to Play GBA Games For Nintendo DS/ DS Lite/ DSi or DSi XL and O3DS/NEW 3DS

Supercard DSTWO is available from now on after a long time stopping produce.

Supercard DSTWO(DS2) is known as one of best flashcard, allowing us playing 

regular ds games or GBA/SNES  games and media easier.Features such as 

full GBA emulation, a powerful new GUI, a real-time guide, 

an integrated auto-patch database, as well as being one of the few 

flash carts that allows users to upgrade the core firmware. 

We stock these great cards, Specialize in R4 and all of the Best flash cards for 3DS DSi XL DSlite & DS inc New 3ds

 DWTECHZ.COM is where you can get all the best flash card in the one place at

the best price worldwide... Guaranteed !

This time supercard dstwo is back,coming with keeping previous rich features but 

supporting the newest firmware 9.8.0-25 on old or new 3ds. While the price is 

the same, $40 available, lowest price offering for you.  

Supercard DS two for O3DS&New 9.8.0-25/ DS Lite / DSi

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SKY3DS Update Template File Adding 5 new Japan Games

Sky3DS updated template file [06/23/2015]

   [Mirror Download Link]
Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Added game:
1247 - Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan - Airport Hero 3D - Haneda All Stars (Japan)
1272 - Tribe Cool Crew - The G@me JPN
1275 - Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi - Ohmi Tetsudou Hen (Japan)
1285 - Popolocrois - Bokujou Monogatari (Japan)

Sky3DS Break All 3ds Version 9.8.0-25 E/U/Jfor Playing 3DS Games