Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gateway OMEGA 2.3b Public Released

Today gateway team released the omega 2.3b to public after receiving a lot of positive feedback by testers. So it is really a good news for gateway 3ds fanciers. What does the firmware omega 2.3b bring to us?


one, Gateway 3ds is  first and only team to add support for the latest games and applications that make use of the new 7.x and 8.x encryption.

Two, can be  running 7.x & 8.x games and 7.x & 8.x  applications (like eShop, PokeBank and YouTube) in our labs.

Third, When 3ds 8.x version came out, if you did update emunand to 8.x and doesn't work, do not worry. This new firmware 2.3b will bring your updated emunand back to life.


One, The Gameboy Advance virtual console games and DSiWare are not working yet.
Two, Emunand 8.x boots up slower. Gateway suggest us it is better when we can buy  a faster SD card.

Features Plans:

Gateway next focus will be revising the savegames subsystem. We think a lot of our savegame editing and retail gamecard users will be pleased with what they have planned!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to re-program the R4i Gold 3DS in a DSi or DS Lite to enable support for newer DSi & 3DS firmware.

R4i gold 3ds revolution support latest Nintendo 3ds 8.1.0-19,DSi 1.4.5 and lower versions, 2DS console, ds/dsl with striking features about Wifi, 100% game compatibility. If u r4i can not support the latest console, what would u do next?
Here share the update tutorial.

One normal set up r4i gold 3ds guide.
1. Put your Micro SD card into the card reader and connect it with your PC , format the MicroSD card in FAT32.
2. Download the latest Wood R4 kernel RAR file from here: Wood R4 Firmware
3. Extract the files and copy all the files to the root of your SD card.
4. Put the Micro SD card into the R4i gold 3DS flashcard and insert it to your DS/DSi/DSi XL/3DS.
6. Power on your DS/DSi/DSi XL/3DS and running ds games.
how to use R4i gold 3ds

Use the lower version DSi/DSL to update the r4i gold 3ds. the N3DS V6.2.0-12 updated patch and unzip it,open the folder and you will see these two files.

For NDS Lite Users :

1) if you update your r4i gold rts 3ds by NDS/NDSL,you need put these files into your micro sd card

For DSi console user:
1) you need put these files into your micro sd card

2. insert your micro sd card into your r4i gold and put them together your NDS and boot up R4iGold_3DS62_Patch_NDSL.nds
Press KEY_A and the updating process will begin 

After updating your card with sucess, your r4i gold 3ds can support 3DS V8.1.0-19 now.

 For use the dsi console update the r4i gold 3ds, the way is almost same,set up corresponding patch till upgrading successfully.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gateway 3DS Beta 2.3b

Gateway 3DS official team released the video proof that gateway is the first 3ds card to add support for the latest (3DS 8.1.0-19)games and applications that make use of the new 7.x and 8.x encryption.

Today gateway team deliver the beta 2.3b as promised. With the update gateway brings the game compatibility back to 100% and take the spring to gateway users who updated their emunand to 8.1. What's more, gateway team always grasp the key into hand,making gateway the king of 3ds cards.

Quote from gateway official site,
* We have noticed that some recent games have started to use features only present on System Firmware 7.x or higher.
Firmware spoofing no longer works for these games, and emunand is currently required for these games to run.

* Classic mode will only boot emunand 8.x or higher if you have a genuine Gateway card inserted. You can still continue without, but support for emunand 8.x or higher will not work.

Gateway guys are still investigating if they can improve upon these limitations, but they currently think that this is an acceptable solution for the time being. Morever. gateway 3ds  next focus will be revising the savegames subsystem which is thought a big happy involution for  our savegame editing and retail gamecard users! 

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Rose pattern Elegant Leather Case Cover for Apple/Samsung

Chanel iPhone4/5 Samsung leather case is made of high quality leather along with high textured rose printing, making it simple but Noble, Elegant, Fashionable.  Different colors YOU must pick out favourite one,classic black,red or fashion orchid blue.The noble and elegant beautify blend of modern sewing process to create the perfect quality.


Play 3ds Game Save File with Gateway 3ds

As we all know, gateway 3ds is one best popular 3ds game card for playing 3ds roms. Importantly, Gateway team released that gateway will hack 3ds ver 7.x, 8.x soon, that is indeed the first 3ds card can do it. Here would like to share how to use gateway 3ds to play 3ds game saves.
As 3ds games users know, there are a lot of 3ds games save on the sites or forums, such as this one, So you lucky guys can enjoy what you want by following below guide.

Buy gateway 3ds for playing 3ds games.

Step 1:  Download the 3ds game and get the rom.
 gateway 3ds save
As you can see, i will make the  "V-khddd.3ds" as the example.  game name: Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Step 2:  Download the related 3ds game save.  you can find some game saves from our link above. for example, download the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance save file from here      extract it and you should get the save file
gateway 3ds save

Step 3:  Make sure the title of the save file is correct,  for example, Go to this site    and find out the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance 3ds game  US region, you can find the title id is  "000400000008D300", so rename your download game file to this title like the pic above, so you can use it.
Step 4:  Finally just put the save file on the root of your sd card (located on the side of 3ds). you can see the  000400000008D300.sav file is already there
gateway 3ds save

So put the 3ds rom on your gateway 3ds sd card.  put the correct save file with correct name on your sd card.  then follow the gateway 3ds user guide to use it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chanel Blocks Silicone Skin Cover for iphone 5/5s/4/4s

The Chanel Blocks Silicone case cover is specially designed for iphone5/5s/4/4s/ which not only protect your loved phone perfectly from dirty, scratch and smash but looks beautiful, fashionable, stylish. It’s made of silicone so that it’s used last-long and you should feel good by holding your phone. What’s more, it’s also a good choice for sending friends as a gift.


Made of silicon
Fit for iphone5/5s/4/4s/new model
Durable and long lasting
Easy to access your buttons
protect your iPhone against dirt
Smash and Scratch Proof
Different kinds of colors available

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to play SNES games on R4i- SDHC RTS?

R4i-SDHC rts card works great with latest kernel v1.80 for 3DS 8.1.0-19 FOR playing DS games,Recommend you buy this r4i gold 3ds rts  card which is the best r4 card for 2ds, 3ds xl, 3ds, dsi and ds lite.If you want to try some snes games, r4i-sdhc rts card performs perfectly,too. Below is the steps for reference.

One part, for setting up r4i card with kernel v1.80.
Step 1 : Download the newest r4i-sdhc 3ds rts kernel from here: r4i-sdhc kernel V1.80b.
Step 2 : after download , extract it.
Step 3 : open the folder.

Two part, Put the SNES Emulator SNEmulDS into micro sd card.
Step 1: Download it from here: 
Step 2 : Extract it,Open the folder,Then just copy the “000SNEmulDS.nds” and “snemul.cfg” files into the root of the sd card. so finally the sd card has the contents as below
r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart
Step 3 : Put some SNES games on the snes games folder

r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart
Three part, Set up.
Step 1 :Insert the r4i-sdhc 3ds rts card with sd card together into  your ds or 3ds console , then power on.

click the first one , it will show :

wait for a second , it will trun to :

choose a game,so , now enjoy your games !