Monday, April 14, 2014

MT-Card GBA Review–Playing 3DS Roms Pokermon X/Y Animal Crossing!

Gbatemp give a review on MT-Card on the home page. We have already received another batch of MT-Cards from the official team, after testing, we are very proud to present this review of the MT-Card, and just want to let you know that this unit simply rocks.

The brand-new and innovative product  MT card support multiROM and selecting game in Menu or by pressing key. and it can save games to TF directly. What’s more, the amazing Mt-card is compatible with 3DS series consoles (System Version 4.1 to 4.5,which is best for r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition and gateway 3ds card too.) The MT card, whose hardware design is flexible, and build-in CPU with card, upgrade new functions via USB. With the new hardware v1.2 released, you can follow the step by step tutorial by this blog.

From the MT-Card official site, it says, "we support unlimited updates".Nowadays, the fact prove that they keep up their words. They are testing demonstration for the card to support and play latest high version games : Pokermon X/Y Animal Crossing!
Looking back the hardware & software Ver1.1 exploits:

1.Hardware update(VIA USB)
1.1 Improve the compatibility of MT card with TF card
1.2 The build-in KEY enabled after the game icon showing finished

2. Software update( Launcher. Dat on SD card)

2.1 Support runing high version game Rom
2.2 Support NAND-emulate system ver 7.1.0, support official carts running on high version 3DS
2.3 Support official carts region free
2.4 Support NAND backup
2.5 Support ESHOP
3.we are trying to achieve targets for:
3.1 Support animal crossing ,Pokemon XY
3.2 Support saveEditor
3.3 Card dump
Good job! R&D team are always keeping their word to make the expect come true with new hardware v1.2. Buy MT-Card from the official reseller with only $69.90.

Friday, April 11, 2014

MT CARD first Muti rom card and Exploits

With the flood of 3DS flashcart hiting the market, why does MT CARD can stand out and what’s difference from other 3ds cart? Here list its exploits.

Packaging and contents

On March 15th MT card new package is available which has two resealable plastic holders to house each flashcart. It looks simple and useful and the key point is the function on specific design.The white shell MT-Card flashcart is the same shape and size as a normal 3DS cartridge, with teeth in front of the contacts to give them a bit of leverage between them and the console itself. This prevents the flashcart from having read issues, which is a major problem for some DS
What’s more, want to mention that when you buy  a MT-Card Flash Kit, that you are actually getting two flashcarts for the price of one. One of them is for playing 3DS ROMs on your 3DS, and the other is a DS-Mode flashcart that supports DS ROMs and homebrew.


+ Easy setup and use
+ Ability to back-up save files
+ Works with all currently dumped games 04/10/2014
+ Local multiplayer works
+Region free
+Firmware spoofer


Gameplay on the MT-Card is pretty much the same as you'd expect on a retail 3DS game with a couple exceptions. With the addition of mulirom you'll be able to flawlessly transition from game to game without having to reflash a rom to your microSD card. Below the games compatibility list:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf -PASS
Fire Emblem: Awakening -PASS
HarmoKnights -PASS
Kid Icarus Uprising -PASS
Kirby Triple Deluxe -PASS
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon -PASS
Mario Kart 7 -PASS
New Super Mario Bros 2 -PASS
Pokemon X -PASS
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright -PASS
Sonic Lost World -PASS
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy -PASS
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds -PASS
Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward –PASS

Lasting Appeal

With the MT-Card's latest 1.2 update the MT-Card is now able to play all currently dumped roms regardless of region. That being said having the entire 3DS game library at your disposal to play will last you quite a long time and the only downside I see to this is having trouble deciding what game to play.


Taking all things considered, MT CARD has a good build, works as advertised and there is powerful MT team as the technical support so that don’t worry to replace new one due to failing supporting the updated consoles and constant update for new amazing features.

 MT-CARD first mutirom 3ds card


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Video: Mt card updating for playing pokemon X/Y

Mt card team provided the video for enjoying the hot popular games pokemon X/Y with Mt card.Mt card released the new hardware v1.2 on April 2th and it brings so many amazing features,such as supporting animal crossing, pokemon XY. Mt card is a first card to support Muti-rom, e-shop and support FAT32, drop and drag, no need of diskimager ect. For the outstanding point, it is the first time to provide the video that support Pokemon games. We believe the news should set lots of fans on fire. Let's see the proof for that:

 buy mt card, is your good choice.

Friday, April 4, 2014

How to Set up for updating MT-card firmware V1.2

MT official released a new software ver. 1.2 yesterday .With the MT-card V1.2, MT card supports animal crossing, pokemon XY. This update program is to update the FPGA chip and CPU data, no need to use another launcher.dat, same V.1.1 launcher.dat in the SD card.

MT_card V1.2 USB Software:

1. Download the MT_Card V1.2 software and Unzip the file, click to run the program file MT_Card_Updater v1.2a.exe.

2. Use a micro USB cable to connect MT card to the computer.

3. After connecting , the computer will automatically install the drivce, and then shows you a picture as below, “update” is available.Click“update”,it will detect the driver installation of MT card.                      
4. Then , there will be a warning to ask if you want to update your MT-Card firmware from V1.1 to V1.2.
Sure you can click “YES” to go on . But please don’t disconnect during the

When you look at the “OK/ Update Success!”  message , then it means you havesuccessfully update your mt card to V1.2
OK, that’s all  processes for updating Mt card.


Monday, March 31, 2014

ANNOUNCING: GATEWAY Firmware 2.1“OMEGA” Released for Public with Fantastic Functions

The Gateway is the first 3ds card in the world to play 3ds games. No doubt the Gateway Team is the innovation leader and released the top firmware 2.1 for public. What does the newly born can bring to us? Here are answers with loud voice.

100% Game Compatibility

Gateway 3DS are now 100% compatible with every single 3DS game released to date. Gateway 3DS now works with games that are using NAND flash on the card for (savegame) storage

Multigame Support

Now Gateway allows us to drag and drop game backups to your MicroSD card and select them from our intuitive on-screen rom menu while in the 3DS home menu. What’s more, ExFAT actually removes the 4GB file size limitation that FAT32 has, so this means you won’t ever have to split up 4GB+ games.

Game Card Dumper
For numerous requests for including a utility to backup your 3DS Game Card, OMEGE from now on can make it true.You can find an additional icon in the Gateway menu (hold L during boot) that will let you backup any 3DS Game Card to the regular SD card in your 3DS.

Gateway FPGA Update
That Updating your Gateway 3DS card easily without buying a “new” product if the old one still is more than sufficient .is OMEGE’s revolution. Upon trying to enter Gateway mode on your 3DS you will be prompted to update your card if it is outdated. Simply follow the instructions on screen and you’ll be ready to enjoy the “OMEGA” revolution in mere minutes.

E-shop games support
That's right, you asked for it, Gateway supported it. And it only took a day to support it!  really want to keep that 100% Game Compatibility rate maxed out!

More to come
Best and most features completed, but Gateway still have many surprises in hat for you.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

which is the best card for 3DS games Gateway vs R4i gold 3ds Deluxe Edition vs Mt card vs EVO3DS ?

As time flies, there are four flashcarts on market to support 3DS games. They are R4i gold deluxe edition, Gateway 3ds, Mt card and evo3ds. With genius team, they support 3ds games well with powerful function compatible most of top 3ds roms, even pokemon xy.

Common :
 1. support 3ds console version 4.1~4.5
 2. support backup 3ds ro
 3. SD card up to 64G available.

1.Different team, different appearance, different price.
2.R4i gold deluxe edition and Gateway have to drop one game into Micro SD           card each time. Though Mt card and Evo3ds support Muti-roms.
3.Use manual is different. R4i gold deluxe edition and Gateway should use a Win32   diskmager to download games while Mt card doesn’t have to.
4. R4i gold deluxe edition and Gateway and Mt card is available but Evo3ds is  
  under development..
5.From the video,  Evo3ds support Pokenon Y.

Gateway 3DS
This is the world first card to support 3ds game , it led a new era for 3ds rom hacked. Now all 3ds game cards can just be played on N3DS V4.5-4.1, but the official team released a v7.1 emulator to allow our users play higher version 3ds games on N3DS V4.5-4.1. It was also the most expensive card. Gateway 3ds is a real card, with a good technology supporting, but you can only put one 3ds rom on a MicroSD card each time.

R4i gold 3ds D.E
This card came from famous flash kit company, with a regular updating and good technology supporting. It has almost all function of GW3DS, but the price is cheaper than gateway. It was also the world first r4 card to support 3ds games.

this is the world first card to support multi-3ds roms to allow our users play lots of 3ds games at one micro sd card. This is mt-card striking features and if you are in the market for this card, you can buy it from, USA based official reseller,every cards have been tested before shipping out and you can buy it here : buy MT-Card

Though this card was still under development, yet,the official features was very attractive, it supports mulit 3ds roms and run pokemon y on N3DS V4.5-4.1 perfectly. the official team released a video to confirm it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

X360dock USB Solderless loader for Xbox 360

The X360dock is a USB loader for Microsoft Xbox 360 console. It allows you play Xbox 360 ISO off having to install modified firmware on your disc drive. What is this will bring to us? It means no need to buy a expensive external hard drive and can still enjoy the USB Load games directly from my PC's HDD. X360dock is a solderless deivce which means you can install it without any soldering skills, this is a great news for users. After all, not so many guys are capable of doing the complicated soldering job. The impressions of X360dock are the price, as well as the fact that it's solder less.
Regard usage, the install is simple just plug it into your Xbox 360, connect all the wires, and connect it to your PC. Run the simple software, and you're off.


- Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
- High speed USB2 interface
- Compatible with all fat xbox 360 console and most slim models
- Supports most Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
- Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
- No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
- AP25 protection emulation
- No soldering required
- Upgradable via USB storage
- Touch screen remote