Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Which Flashcard Support 3DS System 9.2.0-20

Nintendo released the 3ds system 9.2.0-20 U/J and first time we test us brand r4 card to find out the block results.

Main changes for version 9.2.0-20U
Update released: October 29th, 2014
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

We guess nintendo update want to block some new 3ds card sky3ds but the fact is that one hours later the SKY3DS official site update the news, "We've tested and confirmed that, SKY3DS can support the newest update - V9.2.0-20U/E/J."
 (10/30/2014). That is interesting and prove that s powerful amazing sky3ds.

Also our r4i gold 3ds, supercard dstwo, ace3ds plus, r4i sdhc perfectly on the 3ds/3ds xl 9.2.0-20.

3DS System Version Update to 9.2.0-20 U

Nintendo has update 3DS handhold system to version 9.2.0-20 U,Also on Nintendo News: Pokémon X, Pokémon Y Version 1.3 Update Now Available, by connecting your device to the internet then it prompt you to download the version 9.2.0-20 update which improving the system stability and user experience,too.

As the gbatemp forum talks,  the update is also available in Europe and Japan with version titles 9.2.0-20 E and 9.2.0-20 J, respectively. So please friendly tips are, A,not without thinking and now when i boot up gateway mode it wont load the rom selection menu when i press select. also the pokemon demo is in japanese now when i load it up. B, please better backing up your emuNAND and will update or just sit tight.C, after the first time we update our 3ds system and test many of flashcard, it is good news that the 9.2.0-20 doesn't block cards them, such as r4i gold 3ds. supercard dstwo, r4i sdhc rts, ace3ds plus..

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Q&A about SKY3DS 1st Work any System

Great exciting product SKY3DS  is available in one week and  promise that we will get the first batch for our pre-order customers.
Your 3ds kingdom is coming with SKY3DS and whatever your console version is, for 3ds/3dsxl/dsi/2ds.

Q: I have a new 3ds with the firmware 9.1.0-20J version. your new flashcard can work on this version or not?
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can support the newest 3DS V9.1.0-20J version.

Q: Does the sky3ds support all of the 3DS games? can this flashcart work on NEW 3ds?
A: Yes, It can play all of 3DS games, and support the New 3DS console.

Q: Can this flashcart play 3ds game online ? ex : pokemon and doing a wonder trade or battle with people online.
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can play 3DS game online as a genuine gamepad did, can also save,load,edit etc....

Q: Does it require special thing to do first before using SKY3DS?
A: Don't need to do any special thing, just drag and drop the downloaded ROMs in MicroSD card by the Disktool we provided, and enjoy it.

Q: Does the sky3ds have emunand? Also will there be a region unlock? So I can play games on my EU 3DS from Japan or US?
A: No, don't need any emunand at all, it can support any 3DS system version even the newest V9.1.0-20J version. Because it's region locking like a real gamepad, you can't play US or JP's games on your EU 3DS console.

Q: What's that mean - "ten 3DS games maximum per SKY3DS card"?
A: You can choose to copy any 10 games into your microSD card at the first time, you do need more SKY3DS cards if you want to play more 3DS games anyway.

Q: Does saving work on games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon X and Y,also does this allow cheats and homebrew?
Yes,you can save, reload, edit on any 3DS games as a genuine gamepad did. Sorry, no cheats, no homebrew at the moment.

Q: I want to know when this card will be in sale and where to buy it?
A: We will release our SKY3DS card within 1~2 weeks, you can buy it from one of our resellers online.

Monday, October 27, 2014

SKY3DS Playing Any 3DS games roms on Any Versions 3DS/3DSXL/2DS

3DS 9.x hacked!! Sky3DS Support to Play ANY 3DS games roms on ANY Versions of 3DS/3DSXL
World 1st Sky3ds playing any 3ds games with all version 3DS/3DS XL/3DS LL/2DS (US/EU/JP) including newest 3ds version 9.0.0-20!!

We shop will be the first to receive the first batch sky3ds flash card, any pre-order or telling your friends this good news will be much appreciated!

Official site,
Proof video site,

* Plug & Play, easy to use.
* Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V9.1.0-20J).
* Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
* Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with all saving,load,online game, etc..functions).
* Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB SDHC cards.
* Play up to ten 3DS games maximum for each flashcard (any game but 10 in total only).
* Region locking.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Where to Buy the Best R4 Card for 3DS 9.0.0-20/DSi XL/DS/DSL?

From a statistical data on which card is your favorite, it shows that 55% 3ds game player vote for the r4i gold 3ds, 40% fans prefer supercard dstwo.

NDSi v1.4.5&3DS 8.1.0-18 Supported directly
The data speak louder than words. Now the Nintendo has update  3ds  Ver9.0.0-20, our regular r4i gold 3ds work on it directly, featuring real time save, Action Replay cheat, wifi play, homebrew ect. R4i gold 3ds back team keep it upgrade from supporting Ver 6.3.0, 7.1.0 to Ver 8.0.0, 9.0.0 and the quality is high with less returning back card.

All in all, if you want to buy a brand new r4 card for playing ds games free or buy it as a gift for coming Christmas Day, R4i gold 3ds is actually your best choice and strongly recommend the official USA based reseller, because the free but fast 10 days time, best customers service center. Any ORDER or asking a question will be much appreciated.

Friday, October 17, 2014

How to set up Gateway Emunand 2.4 with OMEGA 2.4 for Playing Pokemon ORAS?

Gateway 3ds team released omega 2.4 for breaking through emunand 9.0.0 with only 7days after 3ds version update to 9.0.0. Great and exciting news! Now with OMEGA 2.4, gateway 3ds owner can enjoy online game, booting up emunand again and enjoy latest games like Smash bros, pokemon ORAS, MH4U..

How to set up gateway with omega 2.4?

Steps 1    Download the gateway 3ds 2.4b. Extract and open it, you will get the following contents.

gateway 2.4b

Step 2    Setting up the gateway 3ds blue card

Please format the prepared SD Card and drop all the contents below inside to the root of your sd card.and insert the gateway 3ds blue card with sd card into your 3ds console. Power on.

Click the icon to log in


Click the micro sd card

Click the gateway installer to install

Click A to start and Just wait until the install finish

Click the Home to go back to the home menu and keep the power on. Then just take out the gateway 3ds blue card.

Step 3   Setting up the sd card.
Format the sd card before you use it.  Find out the V2.1 folder which you have downloaded in the step 1

gateway 3ds pokemon X Y

Copy it and put it on the root of your sd card.Put the sd card back into the 3ds slot, go to the system settings nintendo.

Click other settings>> Click Profile   then the console will go the gateway menu.

Step 4  Upgarde to GW 3ds 9.0.0-20.

Notice before doing the update: 1.  Make sure your system version is “GW 3DS x.x.x”, not “x.x.x” , which means you have access into the gateway 3ds mode, or you will update your 3ds to the latest version by accident.   2. Setting up the wifi and you will use it later.

1. Go to system setting, click “other settings”.

2. Move to the system update option. Click “system update”-”Ok”-”I accept”.

3. Press “OK” to update, wait until it finished. (It will take a long time, for me 30mins)

4. Press “Ok” and the 3ds will be restarted.  Accept all the terms.

5. Done and you will be taken to the home menu. The update process finished.

Notice: Since the 3ds console has already restarted, so if you want to play 3ds roms with gateway, you need to do the whole step again to access the gateway 3ds mode . But when you access the gateway mode, you will find your system version is already V9.0.0-20 which means you already update your emunand to v9.0.0-20 just like the following pics.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gateway 3DS OMEGA 2.4 Supporting Emunand 9.0.0

Exciting new! Gateway team released the FIRMWARE OMEGA 2.4 for public and as always they keep their promise to support the newest 3ds version 9.0.0-20, making it enjoy the themes features!

If you want to buy gateway 3ds or know more information like it supporting 3ds Ver 4.5 to 4.1, how to set up or update gateway, please freely check the and welcome to mail to We will try utmost to serve you better. Enjoy your 3ds kongdom!! 

Gateway 3DS Flashcart for 3DS XL/3DS Playing 3DS Games