Friday, September 25, 2015

R4i Gold 3DS Flashcard Cheat Function User Instructions

R4i gold 3ds wood card can support New 3DS/O3DS V10.1.0-27/ DS / DSL / DSi / DSi XL V1.4.5 for playing nds games. As time beings, it proves that r4i gold 3ds is the best r4 flashcard, competitive price, good quality, along with supporting Wifi play, real time save or Action Replay cheat. You can know more by here, Here would briefly introduce how to enjoy cheat features.


Cheat function Tutorial:

1. Prepare a DS /DSI/ 3DS Console and download the Wood R4 kernel V1.64 . unzip the kernel files and copy all the files and nds games rom to the root of the micro sd card .

2. Insert the micro sd card to the R4i gold 3ds slot and turn on the 3ds console .( Now i am use Mario games for example ) and find the games cartoon in the meau ,click A and select the game ,choose Settings

3.  Press Button R for 3 times, find the option "Cheat in Game(AR)", change "off" to "on", press A to continue.

4. Before running the game, press button Y and then press X cheats.

5.then you can see the list of cheats functions below :


6.Now you can see i am choosing Awaying Big Mario , press button A and then press X to back to the 4th steps .then press A to confirm

7.After save the setting and running the games , you can see the games are all shows Big Mario . thanks and enjoy the games .

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Which Is Better to Play 3DS Games On 10.1.0, SKY3DS or 10.1 3ds CFW?

3DS 10.1 is live. Followed by Smea’s ironhax and ninjhax there are some other 10.1 exploits can support 10.1. However, Is there a access you can enjoy 3ds roms by free downloading saves? If so you don’t need to spend any penny to play 3ds games? Afterwards we will show the difference and the result.

Which Great 10.1 exploits can still support newest 10.1.0-27?

Yeah these are 10.1 exploits, supporting 10.1 directly or indirectly.They are homebrew loader, region free loader but not 3ds game pirated software. Therefore, they can’t be used for crack 3ds to play 3ds games.

Sky3ds compared with 10.1 exploit, Why SKY3DS is a Better Choice?

SKY3DS Best Flashcard for 3DS Games

After all these compare you can clearly know that SKY3DS can be easy to be used playing 3ds games safely and smoothly. As a 3ds game flashcard, Sky3ds supports free downloaded 3ds roms with a single card holding the slot for micro sd/sdhc. When one Sky3DS is inserted with sd/sdhc memory card, it can run over 30 3ds games on 3ds, 3ds xl, new 3ds, new 3ds xl and 2ds game handheld. If you want to enjoy muti-roms, never having to pack many cartridge into your travel bag, if you wanna to save money, never spending one and once again on buying a new game card, SKY3DS is your best solution. Bonus time,  we are having the SKY3DS on big sale, you can get a free Ace3ds PLUS or a 8G micro sd card when shoot one SKY3DS from us.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ironhax and Tubehax Issue on 10.1

3DS/3DS XL/2DS/New 3DS/New 3DS XL is released it block Ninjhax 2.0, Ironhax and

Tubehax at first but Smea has solve the problem. Now they all works on 10.1 but

there are some issues here we would like to share the solutions.

Ironhax Error Code: C8804465

Probelm Descriptation:

One guy  can load tubehax just fine, install themes, play homebrew, emulators, etc. But it's kind of a hassle running a vpn from his pc, creating a new networkm connecting, then doing the non-DNS way to load HBL


Smealum could solve it soon, alright from the looks of it you either have an old version of the homebrew launcher or you don't have the installer.xml file in the right location on your SD card.
try downloading the starter kit and extracting it at the root of your sd card :

Issue on tubehax DNS on 10.1

Probelm Descriptation 

upon opening the tubehax opener DNS, I'm presented with a button in the top right with some random pixels on the left. It promptly crashes. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this problem?


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

3DS 10.1.0-27 IS Live Does Sky3ds or R4 Flashcard Support 10.1?

3DS 10.1.0-27 is upgraded on any region. We have tested our r4 flashcard, sky3ds immediately. Good news that you are free to update your 3ds/2ds/new 3ds FW because sky3ds and r4 card can support 10.1.0-27 perfectly. Of course you can wait, because at first it block all hax temporarily but smea is working on it. Until now tubehax is no problem.

dwtechz 10.1_meitu_1

Which 3ds flash card support 10.1?

it is confirmed that sky3ds is the only 3ds card supporting 10.1. SKY3DS users can upgrade your 3ds freely, access to eshop ect.
Mt card, gateway 3ds , r4i gold deluxe edition all stay where they are.

Which r4 flashcard can support 10.1?

Supercard dstwo
r4i gold 3ds
r4i sdhc 3ds rts
ace3ds plus
r4i sdhc dual core/silver/snoopy card

Monday, September 14, 2015

September Sales Get Free R4 Flashcard or Micro SD As a Gift

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Free R4 Flashcard Or 16G Micro SD Card Gift to Kick Off the Autumn Season

Autumn Season, Bonus time! From Sep 12th until Sep 27th, each customers place a order from us, you have a chance to get a r4 flashcard or Micro sd card for free.

ACE3DS plus for 3DS 9.6.0-24/ DSi v1.4.5R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS SanDisk micro SDHC 16GB - Sandisk Memory Cards

The details is that if your order value more than usd 50.00, you can get a Ace3ds Plus or a 8G Micro SD card as a gift. Anything you like, please leave a message during payment.Take a example, if you want to get a SKY3DS or gateway 3ds for playing 3ds games, then you can get a ace3ds plus supporting any 3ds/new 3ds/dsi/ds/dsl firmware to enjoy nds games. One order totally is $75.9 including free shipping, you can get both sky3ds and ACE3DS PLUS, 2 flashcards for 3ds games and regular ds games at one time. Amazing, right? Why not grasp the good chance to shoot one?

Alternative, you can get a free 8G micro sd card for downloading 3ds games. If you don't have time or wanting to send a great gift for kids, we can prepared well the 3ds rom into the 8G free gift for you. So that the kids can play the games directly when he get the SKY3DS.

Sounds great, right? Please go to us, get the flash cards with best ever price.

We stock these great cards, Specialize in R4 and all of the Best flash cards for 3DS DSi XL DSlite & DS.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Does Ninjhax 2.0/ Ironhax or Tubehax Still Work on 3DS System 10.0.0-27?

3DS/3DS XL/2DS/New 3DS/New 3DS XL has upgraded to 10.0.0-27E/U/J/K with as always stability update.

Which flashcard is the best for 10.0.0?

 It is confirmed that SKY3DS works perfectly and r4 flashcard such as supercard dstwo, r4i gold 3ds, r4i sdhc 3ds rts can pass 10.0 directly, no changing wood or kernel.Even for gateway 3ds, it is indicated that it can eMUNAND 10.0.0 for Old 3ds. For New 3DS, latest supported emunand is still 9.5.

If you prefer playing 3ds games, homebrew,Cia, SKY3DS is good because it works on any 3ds firmware, never worrying about firmware update. And you can access eshop easily. For time being, it proved to be one good 3ds flashcard.

If you want to play nds games, you can choose r4i gold 3ds. It is easy to use,good system compatibility,games supporting. By the way, supercard dstwo is perfect,too. When you can also play GBA games or SNES games, cheat support ect.

Does Ninjhax 2.0/ Ironhax or Tubehax Still Work on 3DS System 10.0.0-27?

Yes, they works. it is supposed to block exploits but surprisingly it doesn’t
block Ninjhax 2.0,  Ironhax or Tubehax. No need to change the boot.3dsx, no
need to change anything. Everything works exactly as it did before the update.

@smealum: let it be known that, as far as i can tell, tubehax, ironhax and ninjhax all work fine on 10.0 firmware version !